Sebright Products & Bright Technologies Media Center

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Welcome to the Sebright Products & Bright Technologies Media Center. Click through the thumbnails below to view the videos!

Sebright Products

 21st Century News
 Sebright Anatomy of a Compactor
 Sebright Precrusher Compactor
 Cart Dumper Animation
 Self-Contained Sliding Platform Animation
 Self-Contained Compactor on Sliding Platform
 Model 5060 Compactor Ram Movement
 Sebright Cable Pin off System


Bright Technologies

 High Density Extruder -PaperMill #1
 High Density Extruder-PaperMill #2
 High Density Extruder- Liquid Depackaging
 Sebright Xtractor Animation
 Xtractor Perforator Processing Bottles!
 Xtractor Depackaging Bottles and Compacting
 Xtractor Liquid Depackaging
 Lagoon Dewatering Bright 2 2 Meter Belt Press
 Bright EPS Prebreaker
 Animation of a Densifier Shear
 Oil Filter Recycler
 EPS Foam Densifier
 Belt Filter Press Sludge Dewatering
 High Density Extruder- PaperMill
 Martin Sanitation- Septage Dewatering Customer
 X3Cycler - Aluminum-Plastics Recycling
 High Density Exturder Animation - wet waste recycling
 XX3Cycler - depackaging solutions