Specialty Compaction Equipment

Specialty Compaction Equipment

Mobile Belt Filter Presses

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SSC Stationary Compactors allow for wet waste or small particle waste streams to be maximized in a closed compaction container for larger loads and efficient transportation. The equipment is designed with an internal snout on the custom container and an external extended snout on the compactor for clean separation. If wet waste is the issue, a custom sump and optional drain are incorporated into the container. The container is also designed with a sealed door for transportation to the landfill.

Construction Packer for portable compaction needs

With a roll-off truck, this Stationary Compactor can be moved from site to site to maximize loads from sites where the need is temporary or sporadic. The Construction Packer is used for events, disaster cleanup, construction sites, etc. and can be manufactured in sizes from 2.5 cubic yard chamber capacity to 6 cubic yards.

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